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Raspberries AustraliaRaspberry ketone is a naturally occurring substance found in the conventional red raspberry – the very same kind you often see at the local grocery store. This compound – responsible for the unique flavor and aroma profile of raspberry – also happens to be one of the most shockingly effective supplements for weight loss purposes. Television’s Dr. Oz even remarked that supplements containing this compound are a “miracle in a bottle”.

So, what do we know about this miracle compound?

In 2005, a group of Japanese scientists stumbled onto an amazing discovery: that a simple, naturally occurring compound found in raspberries could lead to weight loss and obesity prevention. These scientists found that whenever laboratory animals were fed supplements containing a compound known as “raspberry ketone”, they had the potential to burn fat and avoid storing fat they consumed. Lab rats that were given the raspberry ketone compound alongside a diet with high levels of fats managed to maintain an healthy level of body fat, compared to those mice fed the same diet without the ketone. The latter group of mice became extremely obese, while the first group hardly saw a change in body mass. In addition, rats that had gained weight saw a reduction in weight after the ketone was introduced to their diet. Further research indicated that the ketone caused a metabolic change in fat cells, and reduced the amount of triglycerides circulating in the rats’ blood streams.

Raspberry Ketone MaxThe studies

The study was published in the peer-reviewed Life Sciences journal. A follow-up study conducted by a team of Korean medical researchers focused on the effect that the ketone had on fat cells. Their study – published in the peer-reviewed Planta Medica journal in 2010 – revealed that the ingestion of raspberry ketones induced a metabolic change in fat cells. By introducing the supplement of the ketone to the cells, the fat cells began to increase their output of a hormone known as adiponectin. This hormone is instrumental in the body’s processing of fat and sugars obtained from the diet. As a result, this metabolic change and increase in adiponectin output is suspected to play a large role in the fat-reducing properties of the ketone.

The benefits to using ketones

The raspberry ketone molecule also shows considerable promise for the future of cosmetics. In 2008, Japanese researchers applied raspberry ketone to the facial and scalp skin of several bald test subjects. After several months of application of a solution containing the ketone, many subjects that previously were bald began to grow hair in areas where the supplement was applied. In addition, a different formulation containing raspberry ketone was applied to women’s’ faces. After a period of two weeks, researchers noted an appreciable improvement in skin elasticity. As a result, it is likely that raspberry ketone will find its way into the cosmetics market in the near future.

For the time being, raspberry ketone supplements are the most likely way that you will encounter the substance, aside from eating raspberries. Now that products containing the compound are making their way to nutrition and health food stores, many retailers are finding that they have a difficult time keeping the product in stock, thanks to the rave reviews that the product receives from its users, as well as the numerous testimonials that the product has received from high-profile celebrities and talk show hosts.

How can it work for humans?

Utilizing a supplement is the only way that humans could possibly benefit from the ingestion of raspberry ketone. This is because it is physically impossible for a human being to eat enough raspberries to obtain nearly enough of the compound to cause any effect. One kilogram of raspberries only contains somewhere between one and four milligrams of raspberry ketones, which is several hundred milligrams below the recommended supplemental dosage. In order to obtain the recommended amount, a human would need to ingest several hundred pounds of raspberries per day, which is both financially and physically impossible. As a result, it’s necessary to stick to the concentrated supplement form of the compound, if you hope to see any kind of an effect.

Raspberry Ketone Max

Because the supplement needs so much of the substance in order to be effective, it’s essentially impossible to extract the substance directly from raspberries. Though this is technically possible, it would require far too many raspberries to produce the amount of raspberry ketone needed for even a single bottle of supplements. In fact, a 30 dose bottle of a minimal-strength raspberry ketone supplement would require at least $12,000 dollars of raspberries to produce given current market rates (and this figure doesn’t even account for the costs associated with extraction). As a result, the compound is synthesized – just like most vitamins and other supplement compounds that people take on a daily basis. The process to produce the ketone has actually been in use since 1965 – since it is commonly used to create raspberry ketone for the purpose of creating aromas for perfumes and body sprays, or for creating flavor compounds for drinks, foods, and candies. Since 1965, the United States Food and Drug administration has recognized raspberry ketone as a safe ingredient in foods and supplements.

The perfect weight loss supplement?

Though large-scale research on the effects of raspberry ketone on humans is still pending, the preliminary findings look good. Prior medical research has already revealed that thinner people have higher levels of adiponectin in their body tissues compared to obese people – and raspberry ketone has been proven to increase adiponectin levels. This should help people improve their insulin sensitivity, and thus promote weight loss. When combined with a healthy appetite and a moderate amount of exercise, raspberry ketone should be able to help many people create significant gains in their overall health and well-being. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the compound is quite remarkable, insofar as it has no side effects that have been reported by users.

When shopping for raspberry ketone supplements, be sure to pick up a bottle from a recognized and reputable brand, such as Raspberry Ketone Max, in order to ensure that your supplement is pure, and effective.

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