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Sometime around the time I finally hit age 65, life started to feel like a drag. Let me rephrase that – I started to feel like a drag. Life was great at the time – I had a stable career as an curriculum design consultant for schools and textbook writers; a wonderful husband; a great condo in a fun, active area of Chicago. Everything around me was going perfectly – but as the days passed, I felt like it was more and more difficult to keep up with everything around me. My husband urged me to go to my doctor, so I did.  I explained myself, and after a few knowing nods, she ordered a series of blood tests – thyroid, iron levels, et cetera. And so, I waited – for the nurse to arrive to take the blood, for the blood to be drawn, for the lab to finally get the results back to the doctor, and the doctor to get back to me. As it turned out – nothing was wrong with me, apparently. At the time, the information annoyed me, though I should have received it as good news. Though my health was apparently fine, I had no answer regarding my original issue: why did I feel so lethargic all the time? In the end, my doctor told me “age catches up with you, eventually” – and that was that. It was if that door slammed shut in my face. Frustrated by the clinical approach to the issue, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Goji Berry AdvaneWhile doing some reading in a health and fitness magazine I picked up at the pharmacy, I piqued up at the mention of goji berries – which are purported to help people lose weight, boost their immune function, increase energy and stamina, and improve circulation. In addition, they’re proven to be packed with antioxidants. Since they’ve been used in Eastern and holistic medicine for centuries, I figured that I might as well see if I can get my hands on some goji berries. My quest took me to the most obvious place to start looking: Google. Since I’d never seen goji berries in my life, I assumed I would need to order some.

I found that most of the time, most people that want to obtain the benefits of goji berries don’t actually eat the goji berries. Instead, they turn to goji berry supplements, which contain the essential compounds from goji berries that are necessary to obtain their purported health benefits. Though I was a bit disappointed to learn that I wouldn’t be gorging myself on berries every day, I realized that taking a goji berry supplement just made more sense: I could avoid the hassles of dealing with fresh berries, or preparing and storing dried berries. Better yet, taking the supplement form of goji berries is superior, if only for one reason: it helps you avoid the sugar and calories that go along with eating berries. Though goji berries are certainly more beneficial to the human body than the average berry, the fact that berries – packed with sugars, starches, and hence calories – can be pretty detrimental to attempts to live a healthy lifestyle. So – I began researching supplements.

I found Goji Berry Advance pretty quickly. This product seemed to be exactly what I was looking for – a popular, proven product that contains the goji berry extracts and concentrates that could help me take charge of my life again. So, I ordered myself a shipment, and waited. In the meantime, I did more research. I learned that goji berries are packed with vitamin A and antioxidants that help improve sleep quality, reduce the effects of aging, maintain vision, boost brain health, and might even protect against the development of Alzheimer’s disease. These health benefits also help many goji berry supplement users experience weight loss. Though this is definitely a perk, it wasn’t my primary reason for using the Goji Berry Advance supplement (though, I have to say, losing a few pounds was a nice side effect!)

Doris Before

Doris After

After the supplement arrived, I began taking it immediately. Within a few days, I was noticing the effects. I didn’t feel tired when I got up in the morning; I didn’t need as many cups of coffee to make it through the day; I found myself taking the stairs at my office, instead of using the elevator. When I got home from work, my first task was no longer plopping down on the couch and turning on the television. Instead, I began to get home, then go for a walk. Goji Berry Advance had a pretty remarkable impact on my life, mostly by helping me feel like I had the energy to do the things that I wanted to do, when I wanted to do them. That alone makes buying Goji Berry Advance worth it.

But one other really great selling point that made me choose Goji Berry Advance is the fact that after you order, you get enrolled in the Goji Berry Advance’s online fitness program, which is kept private for Goji Berry Advance customers. The online program helps you determine the food program, exercise routine, and water intake that’s necessary to optimize your body’s use of the ingredients in Goji Berry Advance – resulting in maximum gains in energy, endurance, and physical fitness. This program really helped me get my act together, in terms of physical fitness. I didn’t actually intend to use it at first, but since it was available, I decided to give it a try. I’m very glad that I did. I feel like the fitness program really helped me get the most out of my Goji Berry Advance supplements. When I used the fitness tracker system to keep tabs on my progress, I got motivated to get out and keep my body in shape – which only helped me feel better and better each day. I definitely credit Goji Berry Advance with helping me overcome lethargy and a sedentary lifestyle, and I’ll consider myself a life long customer.


The maqui berry is one of the little known secrets that weight loss supplements have been using for the past couple of years to help people lose weight, keep it off, and feel energized while doing it. The berry comes from a region of rainforest found primarily between Chile and Argentina and grows on a fairly short tree. Natives have eaten the maqui berry for hundreds of years and would make it into a sort of drink, or eat them raw.

Maqui berries have remained virtually unknown outside of South America up until just a couple of years ago. After scientists figured out what exactly the maqui berry is made up of, and how it can be used to help people lose weight. The results were startling, because it has a unique blend of Omega oils, and contains so many vitamins and minerals, people were able to use maqui supplements instead of regular vitamins and saw a big difference in both their total weight loss, and how they feel.

Does Maqui Berry Select Work Well?

Maqui Berry Select works extremely well. The makers of it have tested it time and time again to make sure it works before offering it to sale for the general public. Since it is a supplement, and it isn’t just ground up maqui berries, additional ingredients have been added to give it extra benefits. This also took a lot of testing, to figure out what makes people feel more energized and gets them losing weight, while at the same time making sure their body was properly nourished.

Maqui Berry SelectPeople using Maqui Berry Select can expect to lose anywhere from 5-30 pounds in the span of a couple of months. Since your body is still receiving the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy through the supplement, you will be able to lose more weight than you normally would in a shorter period of time than you would with diet and exercise alone. Most people take Maqui Berry Select for several months, even after they lose as much weight as they want, because it keeps them feeling great, and their body is healthier with the additional nutrients.

How Does It Work?

There are two main ways that Maqui Berry Select works. The first way deals with giving you energy for your workouts. Since diet and exercise are always an important part of any weight loss plan, Maqui Berry Select gives you the energy you need to work out and burn calories the old fashioned way. This is extremely important since losing weight quickly means having to work out more than you might normally want to.

In addition to giving you energy, Maqui Berry Select will provide your body with nutrients that it needs to help with the diet part of your weight loss regimen. When you eat less, your body gets less of the vitamins and minerals necessary to ensure that it is working optimally. With the maqui berry extract, you are getting all kinds of vitamins and minerals, since the berry itself is loaded with healthy extras. The omega oils will also help keep your long-term health looking positive as research has shown that these oils help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Where Can I Get Pure Maqui to Eat?

Unfortunately, you pretty much can’t get pure maqui berries, unless you live where they grow naturally. This is because the berries don’t hold up well in the normal chain of transportation and distribution in the food business. Apples can be picked, packed, shipped overseas, sit in a loading center, get distributed to stores, and sit on the shelves for a week, and still look and taste great. Maqui berries just won’t stay fresh with all of those steps, that’s why they have to be dried and crushed in order to form an extract.

Maqui Berry Select is made from this extract from the source in the Chilean rainforest. Once it is blended with a special mix of other vitamins and minerals, it gets capsulated and is ready to be sent to consumers.

Berries Select

What Should I Look for in a Maqui Supplement?

The most important thing to look for in a maqui supplement is whether or not it is specially blended to enhance weight loss, or is just being used as a general health supplement. The blend for weight loss generally includes more in the way of vitamins added to fortify your body during a diet so that you are still getting what you need, even though you aren’t eating as much. The health supplement blend will have more in the way of omega oils, which studies has shown may cut down on your risk of a variety of diseases.

While Maqui Berry Select can be used as a general health supplement, we have found it works even better when you are trying to lose weight. The reason for this being that when you are already getting everything you need in the way of vitamins and minerals, your body filters out the extra nutrients from Maqui Berry Select and you don’t really get to feel the full effect of it.

Why Should I Buy It?

Because Maqui Berry Select will help you lose weight and keep the weight off, since you aren’t just losing water weight. The powerful maqui blend will ensure that your energy levels stay high even though you aren’t eating as much, so that you can easily exercise and not have to worry about feeling weak or drowsy either during workouts, or during the day. This is probably the best part of Maqui Berry Select, the fact that you are able to keep pushing yourself in the gym, on the treadmill, or even just jogging around town, lets you burn more fat quickly and without the dangerous side effects that energy drinks or energy supplements might have on you.

Give Maqui Berry Select a try today, after the weight starts coming off, you will be glad that you did.

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